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Maildir-indexing for full-text search

mu provides a full-text index of maildirs, and can easily be used from within mutt. The tool itself is available from (in Debian just install maildir-utils).

I use the following cronjobs to generate the index

# Update mail index every two hours
07 */2 * * *              mu index --maildir=~/mail/ --quiet
# Remove old search results every morning
11 5 * * *                rm -rf "/home/zerodogg/.mu/results"

And the following code inside of mutt, F7 then lets you enter a search query, and F8 will go to the search results.

macro index <F7> "<shell-escape>mu find -c -l ~/.mu/results "    "mu find"
macro index <F8> "<change-folder-readonly>~/.mu/results\n"       "display mu find results"